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woman with down syndrome and woman with laptop Cognitive Disorders

Cognitive impairment is a broad term used to describe some degree of difficulty with cognitive functioning. Impairment can range in intensity and may involve problems with memory, concentration…

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senior woman suffering with parkinson`s disease symptoms Epilepsy Program

Epilepsy is a central nervous system (neurological) disorder in which brain activity becomes abnormal, causing seizures or periods of unusual behavior, sensations, and sometimes loss of awareness…

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man helping senior exercise Neurological Disorders

The nervous system is a complex, sophisticated system that regulates and coordinates body activities. It is made up of two major divisions…

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female having ear pain, touching her head Headache and Facial Pain

Headache is one of the most common pain conditions in the world. Up to 75% of adults worldwide have had a headache in the past year…

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cancer patient holding hands with her daughter smiling Movement Disorders

Movement disorders are neurologic conditions that cause problems with movement, such as: increased movement that can be voluntary (intentional) or involuntary (unintended)…

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doctor and happy grandfather chatting online with his family Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroinflammatory Disorders

Neuroinflammatory disorder is the study of conditions where immune responses which damage components of the nervous system. It includes many neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease…

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podiatrist treating feet during procedure Neuromuscular Disease

Neuromuscular disorders are acquired or inherited (genetic) conditions that affect some part of the neuromuscular system. These tend to be progressive in nature, and result in muscle weakness and fatigue…

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Urine sample test Neuro-Infectious Diseases

Neuroinfectious diseases affect the nervous system, from the brain and spinal cord to muscles and nerves…

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female cancer patient holding bouquet of yellow tulips Neuro-Oncology

Neuro-oncology is a branch of medicine that concerns cancers of the brain and spinal cord. Cancers of the nervous system are often severe conditions that eventually become life threatening. Learn More

Girl in refractor closing one eye Neuro-Ophthalmology

Neuro-Ophthalmology is the specialty that is concerned with visual symptoms resulting from brain diseases. The visual symptoms can be divided into visual loss, or problems with eye movements. Learn More

senior woman feeling dizzy Neuro-Otology and Neurogenetics

Genetics and neurology are studied together in a branch of science called neurogenetics, which concerns the development and function of the nervous system…

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little boy sit on mom laps give high five to doctor in white coat during visit in clinic Pediatric Neurology

Pediatric neurology refers to a specialized branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions in neonates (newborns), infants, children, and adolescents. Learn More

man with stroke sitting on wheelchair with woman Stroke / Cerebrovascular Disorders

The term cerebrovascular disease includes all disorders in which an area of the brain is temporarily or permanently affected by ischemia or bleeding…

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